Thursday, 18 May 2017


Ko Rāhiri Te Tūpuna - LISTENING GAP FILL:

We trace our ancestry back to Rāhiri, a formidable Rangatira and    warrior     . Rāhiri was born in Whīria at Pākanae; he married Ahuaiti from Pakaraka who lived at Pouerua Pa. Uenuku was their     son   .
While Rāhiri was living with        ahuaiti at pouerua                             he heard that her two brothers Korakatea and Korakanui were coming to visit. Rāhiri knew that he would not be home when her brothers arrived, so he told his wife that she was not to give them the best mongeroi (fernroot), instead she was to feed them the inferior ones.
Rāhiri arrived home to find that Ahuaiti     had ignored his wishs                             and fed them the good fernroot. Angry, Rāhiri left Ahuaiti and Uenuku and returned to Pākanae.
In time Uenuku became a man and he asked his mother ‘who is my father?’ His name had been lengthened to Uenukukuaare because he did not have the esoteric knowledge that a young man of high birth such as him      should have had           . Kuaare means to be ignorant or to lack understanding. Ahuaiti told him who his father was.
Meanwhile Rāhiri had married Whakaruru from Pākanae, and they had had a son – Kaharau.

Uenuku went to see his father; he wanted to know the incantations and rituals that would complete his knowledge. Ahuaiti told Uenuku to follow the Mangakāhia River and taste of its waters every now and then. When the river had       become salty                    he would find his father there.

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