Friday, 19 May 2017

?????Ko Rāhiri Te Tūpuna - SCRAMBLED SENTENCES
Put the words back into the correct order

0. Rāhiri was born in Whīria at Pakanae

  1. he married   ahuatit who lived at   Pakaraka Pouerua Pa .

  1. Uenuku was their son.

  1. Rāhiri returned to Pakanae  and left Ahuaiti and Uenuku  .

4. In time uninku become a   man

  1. ‘who is my father?’he asked his mother

  1. His name had been lengthened to Uenukukuaare   

5. He did not have the knowledge and esoteric

  1. Kuaare means to be ignorant or to lack understanding to .

  1. Ahuaiti told him who his father was

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