Tuesday, 11 April 2017


How KI-o.rahi started

PB4L Caring for our friends

What do my whanau do for Kaikohe

Oreo why should we care for our things

Whainga ako create and persuasive text.

O in my opinion we should care for our things  because in the waheke you will get karma and you would get treated well and not get bullied.   

RI feel we should look after our stuff and whanau because if you aawae for them the will aawae for you and you might get a special treatment for yourself  

E I think we should take care of our cloths because our might makutu come alive and make us faint

O Everyone should take care of there stuff because there parents paid hare ko moni for it

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

OREO Why everyone should bring there togs


O In my opinion everyone should bring their togs  to school every day because   you learn more   knowledge and when you're stuck  you will be still alive!.

R I feel everyone should bring their togs to school because you would be good with the water and you won't be   frightened of the deep blue sea ha ha ha.  

E I believe you should bring your togs to school  everyday because if you don't you will stay in during your morning tea and lunch and bad things will happen in the water wa ha ha.

I am

1.I am truthful I am energetic I am characteristics.
 2.I wonder why donald trump is gonna build  wall between america and mexico.
 3.I hear kids chatting .
  4.I see alize amber leigh.
Image result for trump  5. want donald trump to die  .Image result for dog