Thursday, 6 July 2017

Te Ra:23 5 2017 Otaua  JJ3 \situation

Baked Bean on Toast
Whainga Ako: Read text to find the exact kupu needed to make the sentence make sense.
Fill in the missing kupu using your pukapuka and the page numbers.

Pg 18 All week the three of us had  been planning to go to the opening  of the latest jackie Chan movie.

Pg 18. Then i started towards The Empire hoping  that Mum would appear before I  there.

Pg 20. From there, I could see the pub door, but anyone  coming out wouldn't  be able to see me.

Pg 20. I was still waiting for her to come out of the Empire when a voice behind me  made me jump.

Pg 21. I’d overheard  him and  Rosa, heaps of times, talking about mum  and the pokies.

Pg 22. After the  movie, Jacob and ricky  and I walked  home, punching and  kicking the air all the way like we were black belt experts.

Pg 22. “Aunty Rosa can talk,” I  to cover up the awkwardness  us.    

Pg 23. While we were eating, I told her about  the movie.

Pg 23.   “My pay from cafe’s going to get into their bank account,” said.

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